D Obits

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Daab, Jeannie Submitted by Vernon Ritter
Daab, Margaret M. nee Pullen
Daab, Vernon Submitted by Vernon Ritter
Dains, Bennajah  Submitted by Janet Flynn
Daniels, Norman E.
Dannehold, Edna F. nee Schaper
Dashner, Mary B.
Dashner, Virginia Rose nee Fults
Davenport, John M. Submitted by Vernon Ritter
Davila, Susie nee Lozano
Davis, Maurine C.
Davison, Barbara  Submitted by Orval Riebeling
Day, John Russel
Day, Mamie W. nee Wassom
Deffenbaugh, Olivia E. nee Mueller  Submitted by Vernon Ritter
DeFrenne, Pearl
Delatine, Louis E. 
DeMay, Daniel Mark
DeMint, Caroline Submitted by Barbara Coakley
DeMint, William L. D.  Submitted by Janet Flynn
Dennis, Ben  Submitted by Janet Flynn
DeRousse, Daniel
Dick, Bernadine Mary
Dick, Clara Cecilie Emma nee Juelfs  Submitted by Mary Limpert
Diehl, Ella
Diel, Adelaide J. nee Schmidt
Dienell, Helen nee Loehr
Dietz, Joseph A.
Dilger, Oscar
Dillard, Raymond R. Jr. submitted by Vernon Ritter
Dillenger, Florence Alma nee Brauch
Dillenberger, Lisette
Dinzler, Henry
Ditch, Zylphia Sophia Death Notice Submitted by Barbara Coakley
Divers, John S. "Jack"
Doerr, Erwin W.
Doerr, Marian M. nee Schorb Submitted by Vernon Ritter
Doerr, Richard A.  Submitted by Vernon Ritter
Doerr, Sophia nee Margolf Submitted by Melissa Seaton
Doiron, Laverne J.
Dolde, Ruth E.nee Klingelberg
Donaldson, Earl Michael
Donius, Edwin Submitted by Vernon Ritter
Dossett, James RSubmitted by Vernon Ritter
Dougherty Celia  nee Clark  Submitted by Janet Flynn
Dougherty, Ettie J. nee Winkelmann
Douglas, Mrs. R. E.
Doyle, Martin E.
Dreps, Dolores C.   Submitted by Ron Johnson
Drexler, George D. Submitted by Vernon Ritter
Duffy, Kenneth L.
Dugan / Guzan, Eleanor nee Miles  Submitted by Kerry Patrick
Durfee, Alexander H. Submitted by Barbara Coakley
Durfee, Judge Frank Submitted by Barbara Coakley
Durfee, Mary Celestine Letitia
Durfee, Mrs. nee Carlisle Submitted by Barbara Coakley
Durrer, Laura - Submitted by Diann Emmons