People of Monroe County

Barker, Mary
Baum, Family of Nicholas and Barbara Mosbacher 
Berg, Fred and wife Maria "Mary" (Wagner)
Corvey, John and Louisa "Mosbacher"
Dinan, Mary (Marie)
Dinan, William and Alfa (Gilbert)
Ditch, William T.  
Duffy, John and Margaret
Dunn, Roseanne "Parrott"   
Dwyers, (Brother of Ed Dwyers)
Frierdich, Otto and Mary nee Schallom
Fults, Silas Joseph 
Gilbert, Ira and Salome (Dils)
Goeddel, Olga   This photo was found on ebay, taken at Fults Studio, Waterloo, IL., name was written on back of photo. Sharon
Grosse Family Emelia, Anna Amanda, Charles, Ernst (Jr.), Ernst (Sr.), Bertha, Anna Catherine (Steuk), , and Elizabeth.
Heer, Charles  A  History of his life.
Helm, Henry
Helm, William
Hern Brothrs and Ludwig Brothers 
Hern, Henry 
Hern, Henry E. and Louisa C. Rodenberg
Hern,  Ippe Janssen Family
Hern, Jacob Friedrich and Mattie 
Hern, John Harms and Harriet M. Bell
Hern, Norman C. and Marian E. Hite
Herrmann, Franz and Dorothea "Dietz"
Herrmann, Margaret "Zoeller"
Hoffman, Fred C. and Margaret "Mosbacher"
Jansen, William H. and Frances "Huster"
Kaestner, Herman F. and Mary Elizabeth Rodenberg
Kipping, Frederick and Maria Anna
Kipping, Leo and Maggie
Knobloch, Charles and Mary Louise "Ebel"
Knobloch, Frederick "Fred" and Caroline (Schilling)
Knobloch, Wilhelm "William" and Lydia "Lilian" Christine (Berg)
Lang, Fred C. and Elizabeth "Mosbacher"
Lang, Isabel Helm
Leber, Louis
Ludwig Brothers and Hern Brothers
Lutz, Heinrich "Henry" Carl and Emma Friederike Wihelmine (Schoeferling)
Lutz, John
Markle, David
Markle, John William
McCauly, John and Mary
Mees/Mayes Peter and Mary nee Reis
Menke, Leo and Bertha
Michalek, Josef and Cornelia nee Dillon
Miles, Stephen W.
Miles, Stephen W. Jr. 
Miles, Truman  
Mosbacher, Anton and Margartha "Grueter" Family.
Mosbacher, Arthur
Mosbacher, Henry and Amanda "Becker"
Mosbacher, Joseph and Katharine W. "Raithel"  
Mosbacher, Joseph and Katharine W. "Raithel" Wedding
Murphy, Bridget "Walsh"  
Murphy, Patrick Thomas  
O'Leary, Elsie
Parrott, George W.  
Parrott, Randolph and Adelaide "Murphy"   
Parrott, Virginia Marie "Vallat"  
Plutowsky, Andrew and Catherine "Herrmann"
Plutowsky, Frank and Mildred "Schmidt"
Plutowsky, Gottlieb and Elizabeth
Plutowsky, Louise 
Pretto, Giosue Descendants
Rau, Louisa nee Frierdich
Riebeling, Arthur B. and Lena "Korves"
Rist, John  John Rist is standing in rear, need help identifying others.
Rodenberg, Peter and Grandchildren
Rodenberg, Peter and Wilhelmina Koester
Rufle, John and Mary
Schaecher, Charles "Carl" and Catharine (Knobloch)
Schallom, John and Maria nee Weiss - With Children
Schallom, Peter Joseph and Carolyn nee Dannehold
Schmidt, Philip - photo of Philip and second wife Barbara and the Schmidt home and brewery cellar.
Schmidt, John Arrend and Anna Rebecca Rodenberg
Schmidt, William and Wilhelmina (Hermann) - Marriage Photos and license.
Schneider, Christine Caroline "Riebeling"
Schneider, Jacob
Schneider, Jacob and Christine Caroline "Riebeling"
Schroeder, Catherine Wischmeier
Schuchardt, Lulu "Mosbacher"
Seyffardt, Louis, Henriette Wenkel and children. Bio included.
Stoeppig, Christian  Oberseebach, Alsace 1836 of Census for Christian Stoeppig and his wife Ane Marie Morio.  It is in French although the Stoeppigs (Steppig) are German. Submitted by Mary Pettyjohn
Steppig, Martin - 1836 Census for Oberseebach, Alsace (list Martin and family.  Submitted by Mary Pettyjohn
Sutter, William H. and Emma Fredericka Rodenberg
Wagner, Elizabeth "Lizzie"
Wagner, Philipp "Fridor" Isidore
Wagner, Philipp "Fridor" Isidore, Louis Leber, and Albert Carl Knobloch.
Weilbacher, Leo A. Sr. and wife  Elesa Dorothy Huhn Weibacher.
Weitkamp, Charles and Elizabeth "Miller" - NOTE wife named by Jerry Koehler.