Legion Grave Registrations

The data below contains Requests for Grave Registrations (REQ) and Grave Registration Records (REC.) Many of the veteran grave files also contain related paperwork, mostly pertaining to obtaining Government Tombstones for Veteran Graves. Obituaries, death notices, and a few military documents are sprinkled throughout the files. Some interesting local history can also be gathered from the letterheads used for some of the notes contained in these files as well.

These files are the result of the dedicated work of Albert C. Metter in his capacity as the Grave Registrar for American Legion Post 581 in Columbia, Illinois from 1927 to 1945 or so. These files also provide information for some Veterans in surrounding communities. I hope you will find them interesting and possibly helpful in your research. This are on cd and has been distributed to local libraries, genealogy societies, and preservation groups without cost and with the permission of Mrs. Florence Haberl, the daughter of Albert Metter. All other rights are retained.

Submitted by Vernon Ritter

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Why Graves Were Registered Government Tombstones Before WWII
Governement Tombstones after WWII Government Tombstones Circa 1947
Government Tombstone Examples Typical Tombstone Routing
Government Tombstone Epitaphs pg 1, pg 2, pg 3, pg 4 Blank Grave Registration Record

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