Combined History of Randolph, Monroe and Perry Counties, Illinois

Published by J. L. McDonough & Co.

Philadelphia 1883

The following histories were extracted from the above book.

There were many typos and misspellings in these articles, they are typed as were originally printed.

Monroe County - a detailed history of the County, also from the above combined history.  Click here to read how the County Government was set up and who was involved.

Read this book in it's entirety: Combined history of Randolph, Monroe and Perry counties, Illinois

Community Histories Church Histories
Bluff Evangelical Lutheran of the Holy Cross near Waterloo
Columbia - Submitted by Heather Hackworth Evangelical Lutheran of the Holy Cross near Glasgow City
Harrisonville Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul's, Columbia
Mitchie - Submitted by Heather Hackworth Concord Presbyterian Church
Moredock - Submitted by Heather Hackworth Methodist Episcopal Church
New Design The German Evangelical Church
New Hanover Baptist Church
Prairie Du Long Catholic Church
Renault German M. E. Church
Waterloo .