Schools of Monroe County, Illinois

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Bluff School

1930 Bluff School Group Photo.

Burksville School

1899 Burksville School Group Photo.

Caniff School

1931 Caniff School Group

Columbia High School

1901 Class Picture Columbia School
1914 Picture of Columbia School
1915 Columbia Public School Commencement
Columbia High School 1924
Class of 1926 45 year reunion
Columbia High School 1932
Columbia High School 1938
Columbia High School Class Of  1939
1939 Columbia High Year Book  "Columbian"
Columbia High School 1942
Columbia, Illinois Community Unit District #4. First Class to Attend all 12 Grade Levels at the Unit Building & Graduate in 1966.

Fults School

1919 Fults School Photo  

Goeddeltown School

1892 Goeddeltown School Photo

Grant School

1934 Grant School Class Photo

Harrisonville School

Harrisonville School Class Photo
Harrisonville School Photo approx 1912
Harrisonville School "Building"

Maus School

Maus School 1930-1933  Class Photo

McBride School

McBride School About 1908  Class Photo
McBride School 1930 Class Photo

Monroe County Public Schools 8th Grade

1927 Monroe County Public Schools 8th Grade Commencements - Schools included are: Miles Prairie School, Bluff School, Gall School, Fountain Creek School, Hecker School, Posten School, Mueller School, Rock Creek School, Blackburn School, Varnum School, Brickey School, Burksville School, Canniff School, Central School, Portland School, and St. Augustine at Hecker. 

Miles School

1899 Photo of Miles School and Students
Misc. School Certificates and Awards

New Hanover School

1935 New Hanover School, Group Photo
New Hanover School, Class Photo unknown date this photo was identified by Lester Schrader.
1904 New Hanover School, Class Photo
1917 New Hanover, Class Photo 

Oak Grove School

1916 and 1941 Oak Grove School Groups

Posten School

1931 Posten School Group Photo

Round Prairie School

1935-1936 Round Prairie School Group 

Sandbank School

1933 Sandbank School, Class Photo
Sandbank School -Class Photo
Sand Bank School Unknown year (can someone date this picture and or name students.
2004 Sandbank School as stands today.

Schallom School

1939-1940 Schallom School Annual Photo.

Schroeder School

1904 Schroeder School, Class Photo
1908 Schroeder School , Souvenir Card with student list.  

Valmeyer High

Class of 1939 Valmeyer High Reunion Photo
Class of 1943 Valmeyer High
1905 Valmeyer School, Class Photo

Varnum School

Varnum School Photo 

Walnut Grove School

Two pictures of Walnut Grove School and Students.


Waterloo School

1899 Waterloo High School Graduating Class Commencement.
1906 Waterloo High School Commencement and graduating class picture.
1912 Waterloo High School Commencement
1913 Waterloo High School Commencement
1914 Waterloo High School Commencement Program
1918 Waterloo High Yearbook
1918 Waterloo Graduating Class Names have been found.
1924 Waterloo Public School 8th grade Commencement Exercise.
1925 Waterloo Public School 4th grade class.
1929Waterloo Public School 3rd grade class.
1926 Waterloo High School Commencement Announcement
1934 Waterloo High School Commencement
1935 Waterloo High School Commencement Announcement
1939 Waterloo Public School 2nd grade 
Undated Waterloo School  Can you date or name students?

Unknown School Photos

If you can identify the school or students contact Sharon

Unknown School, Class Photo
Unknown School, Class Photo  
Unknown School, Class Photo  
Unknown School, Class Photo dated 1909 
Unknown School, Class Photo 
Unidentified School  Can you help identify this school?
Randolph County Commons School  Can you you help identify these students?