Compiled and Submitted by 

Michelle Barbeau Chausse


Ames Yankeetown
Burksville Corne de Carl
Columbia Originally called L'Aigle by the French, then Eagle
Fults At one time called Brownsburg or Braunsburg
Harrisonville Has been known as Brashear's Fort, Carthage, and Walnut Grove
Hecker Originally known as Freedom
Madonnaville Originally James Settlement, then James Mill
Maeystown Originally McRoberts' Meadow, then Maeysville, then Maeystown
Mitchie Was once known as Hardscrabble
Modoc Originally Brewersville
Monroe City First called James' Mill, then Noser's Mill when the mill changed hands. Later it became Monrovia, then Woodville and finally Monroe City.
Prarie du Long Originally named Winstanley Settlement
Renault Originally Belfordville, then Glasgow City, then Renault
Tipton Cambria Station, then Tipperary, then Tiptown, and now Tipton
Valmeyer Named after a German named Meyer, "Valley of the Meyers"
Wartburg Has been called Beaver Pond
Waterloo The south portion was named Belle Fontaine by the early French for the beautiful spring that flows through it. The north portion was named Peterstown, for Peter Rogers. They were separated by Fountain Creek, which flowed between. There was intense rivalry between the two settlements. Legend has it that in 1818 (long before the emigration of the Germans) an Irishman built his house on one side of the creek and his barn on the other. He supposedly said "It won't be Belle Fontaine and it won't be Peterstown, but begorra, I'll give ye both your Waterloo." The name stuck.