Legion Grave Registrations

The data below contains Requests for Grave Registrations (REQ) and Grave Registration Records (REC.) Many of the veteran grave files also contain related paperwork, mostly pertaining to obtaining Government Tombstones for Veteran Graves. Obituaries, death notices, and a few military documents are sprinkled throughout the files. Some interesting local history can also be gathered from the letterheads used for some of the notes contained in these files as well.

These files are the result of the dedicated work of Albert C. Metter in his capacity as the Grave Registrar for American Legion Post 581 in Columbia, Illinois from 1927 to 1945 or so. These files also provide information for some Veterans in surrounding communities. I hope you will find them interesting and possibly helpful in your research. This are on cd and has been distributed to local libraries, genealogy societies, and preservation groups without cost and with the permission of Mrs. Florence Haberl, the daughter of Albert Metter. All other rights are retained.

Submitted by Vernon Ritter

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Requests / Letters / Misc Items

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Jahr, Julius J. Funeral card and note.
Jahr, Julius J. Grave registration record.
Jahr, Julius J. Request to record grave.
Jarrett, Lawrence Grave registration record and note.
Jarrett, Lawrence Request for more information.
Jarrett Lawrence Grave registration record
Jarrett Lawrence Letter requesting date of death.
Jaspers, James Grave registration record.
Jauch, Joachian Grave Registration record.
Jehling, Philip Grave registration record.
Jehling, Philip Grave registration (back of registration card).
Jehling, Philip Request to record grave.
Johnson, William Letter dated Sept 6, 1928, from Mrs. Wm. Johnson, concerning her husband and his service record.
Johnson, William Letter to Mr. Metter from Mrs. Wm. Johnson.
Johnson, William Letter to Mrs. Wm. Johnson from Mr. Metter.
Johnson, William Letter from Mr. John Garrity to Mr. Metter concerning Mexican War record of Mr. William Johnson.
Johnson, William Letter from Mr. Metter discussing Mr. Williams service records, letter to John Garrity, Supt. Records of Burial Place Soldiers and Sailors
Johnson, William Grave registration record..
Johnson, William Grave registration record, (back of registration card).
Johnson, William Request to record grave.
Juengling, Arthur C. Hand written note about service record of Arthur Juengling.
Juengling, Arthur C. Grave registration record.
Juengling, Arthur C. Request to record grave.
Kannewurf, William Funeral card.
Kannewurf, William Letter from A. Metter to John Kannewurf requesting the discharge papers of William Kannewurf.
Kannewurf, William Letter to Albert Metter confirming the approval of application for free government marker.
Kannewurf, William Two papers about setting of headstone.
Kannewurf, William Grave registration record.
Kannewurf, William Request to record grave.
Karger, Joseph Grave registration record.
Karger, Joseph Grave registration record, hand written note on back side of card.
Karger, Joseph Request to record grave.
Keitel, Charles Grave registration record.
Keitel, Charles Grave registration record, hand written note on back side of card.
Keitel, Charles Request to record grave.
Keitel, Trongott Grave registration record.
Keitel, Trongott Grave registration record, hand written note on back side of card.
Keitel, Trongott Request to record grave.
Kimmich, John Grave registration record.
Kimmich, John Grave registration record, hand written note on back side of card.
Kimmich, John Request to record grave.
Klemm, Charles Bill for setting of stones for Charles J. Klemm and William Heise.
Klemm, Charles Grave registration record.
Klemm, Charles Request to record grave.
Klotz, Otto Bill for setting of stone.
Klotz, Otto Freight bill for stone.
Klotz, Otto Grave registration record.
Klotz, Otto Request to record grave.
Kolb, John Funeral card.
Kolb, John Grave registration record.
Kolb, John Request to record grave.
Krack, Vincent Grave registration record.
Krack, Vincent Request to record grave.
Kraus, John Hand written note about area of service.
Kraus, John Letter to William Kraus, request for service info needed to order stone.
Kraus, John Letter to Albert Metter from C. H. Bridges Major General.
Kraus, John Letter from Navy department concerning military service record.
Kraus, John Letter to Mr. Metter concerning John Kraus(s) service records.
Kraus, John Letter approving military headstone.
Kraus, John Grave registration record.
Kraus, John Request to record grave.
Krauss, William Funeral card.
Krauss, William Notice concerning American Legion service at funeral.
Krauss, William Letter of approval of Military headstone.
Krauss, William Letter concerning carving if dates and epitaph on headstone.
Krauss, William Epitaph
Krauss, William Payment for carving of headstone.
Krauss, William Letter from estate administrator paying for carving and copy of order for headstone.
Krauss, William Bill for delivery and setting of headstone.
Krauss, William Obituary
Krauss, William Grave registration record.
Krauss, William Request to record grave.
Krebs, Fred Grave registration record.
Krebs, Fred Grave registration record, hand written note on back side of card.
Krebs, Fred Request to record grave.