Legion Grave Registrations

The data below contains Requests for Grave Registrations (REQ) and Grave Registration Records (REC.) Many of the veteran grave files also contain related paperwork, mostly pertaining to obtaining Government Tombstones for Veteran Graves. Obituaries, death notices, and a few military documents are sprinkled throughout the files. Some interesting local history can also be gathered from the letterheads used for some of the notes contained in these files as well.

These files are the result of the dedicated work of Albert C. Metter in his capacity as the Grave Registrar for American Legion Post 581 in Columbia, Illinois from 1927 to 1945 or so. These files also provide information for some Veterans in surrounding communities. I hope you will find them interesting and possibly helpful in your research. This are on cd and has been distributed to local libraries, genealogy societies, and preservation groups without cost and with the permission of Mrs. Florence Haberl, the daughter of Albert Metter. All other rights are retained.

Submitted by Vernon Ritter

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Requests / Letters / Misc Items

Name Description of Data
Asselmeier, Paul W. Letter to Mr. Metter from the Bureau of War Veterans Graves Registration concerning Mr. Asselmeier's headstone. January 26, 1938.
Asselmeier, Paul W. Letter from Mr. Metter to Bureau of War Veterans Grave Registration concerning the placement of a military stone. February 19, 1938.
Asselmeier, Paul William Grave Registration Record - Dated November 28, 1934.
Asselmeier, Paul W. Record of grave from John Garrity, Supt. Burial Records, Soldiers and Sailors, Illinois. Includes name, rank, company, regiment and war served in plus other data.
Aupheimer, A Grave registration record. Includes name, rank, company, regiment and war served in plus other data. (Civil War) Enlisted Waterloo June 25, 1861 - Discharged July 7, 1867, these dates were written on a separate small piece of paper.
Aupheimer, A Another Record of Grave Registration. Lots of info on this card.
Axley, Alfred R. Registration from A. C. Metter to State of Illinois Military and Naval Dept., War Veterans Grave Registration, October 12, 1949
Axley, Alfred R. Statement for setting headstone, in account with Delbert Arras, Sexton St. Paul Evangelical Cemetery, October 18, 1949.
Axley, Alfred R. Letter to County Court House requesting county records of Discharge of Alfred Roy Axley. April 26, 1949.
Axley, Alfred R. Letter to the Mayor concerning the honorable discharge of Alfred Roy Axley. April 25, 1949
Axley, Alfred R. Hand written note about Alfred Roy Axley's birth, military enlistment and discharge dates included.
Axley, Alfred R. Newspaper obit for Alfred R. Axley, dated April 16, 1949.
Axley, Alfred R. Grave registration record. lots of information on this card.
Axley, Alfred R. Another detailed document for Grave registration from Military and Naval Department, Springfield, Illinois
Baltz Cemetery Vets (circa 1940) Lists A. Aupheimer and Jacob Rudolph, also companies they served in, Civil War.
Barlow, Bertram Harrison Funeral card/
Barlow, Bertram Harrison Grave registration record. lots of information on this card.
Barlow, Bertram Harrison Record of Grave
Barlow, Joseph W. Letter to Commanding Officer, Jefferson Barracks, requesting new stone to show Sgt Barlow and his wife who was later buried there. July 14, 1930
Barlow, Joseph W. Return letter to Albert C. Metter from William Bond, Superintendent, concerning adding Mrs. Barlow or getting new stone. July 16, 1930
Barlow, Joseph W. Letter to Adjutant General, War Department concerning Mrs. Barlow, February 22, 1932
Barlow, Joseph W. Letter to Albert Metter, new stone to be issued adding wife's name.
Barlow, Joseph W. Hand written note.
Becker, Martin Record of grave.
Becker, Martin Grave registration. On rear of card (Enlisted Waterloo June 25, 1861, M.O. Ipd to MO. Corp. August 1, 1863
Beckerle, Alonzo Memo from A. C. Metter - Obituary of Alonzo Beckerle.
Beckerle, Alonzo Grave Registration
Beckerle, Alonzo Record of grave.
Bethe, Henry Theodore Small piece of paper Mex. War, born 1801, died 1866 - Grave registration record.
Biedermann, Herbert Grave registration record, Mex. War
Bohnemeier Cemetery Vets (circa 1940) Lists Albert Metzger, August Metzger and Anton Volk, also companies they served in, Civil War.
Bornemann, Herman Grave registration record.
Bornemann, Herman Rear side of registration, military info. Enlisted Civil War, August 4, 1862, resigned September 3, 1863.
Bornemann, Herman Record of Grave, military data and burial place.
Brandt, Joseph Grave registration record.
Brandt, Joseph Record of Grave, military data.
Breidecker, Christian Letter from John Garrity, Superintendent Records of Burial Places Soldiers and Sailors. Records of Christian Breidecker, William Hoffman and John Lorentz being added to Illinois Roll of Honor. February 12, 1931
Breidecker, Christian Letter from John Garrity to Albert C. Metter concerning requisitioned headstone for Lt. Christian Breidecker, Mexican War, additional info needed.
Breidecker, Christian Letter requesting more records to verify Christian Breidecker a Confederate Veteran and his service.
Breidecker, Christian Letter from Albert C. Metter to John Garrity, stating Mr. Breidecker served in Mexican War not Civil war.
Breidecker, Christian Freight bill for one cut marble headstone - lettered Breidecker, C.
Breidecker, Christian Grave Registration Record, contains birth, marriage, birth place on this card.
Breidecker, Christian Record of Grave for Lieut. Christian Breidecker, Mexican War, 1st MO Vol. Inf. died May 21, 1884.
Brown, Walter H. Request for Headstone
Brown, Walter H. Letter stating service was verified and headstone will be sent.
Brown, Walter H. Grave Registration Record
Brown, Walter H. Record of Grave
Burnett, Robert Grave Registration Record
Burnett, Robert Back of Registration Record, Enl Sept 27, 1864, M.O. June 4, 1865
Burnett, Robert Record of Grave. (Civil War, 30th ILL Inf.)