Views Around Monroe County

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Photos submitted by Eugene Beals

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.The Niebruegge farm sitting on the site of the old Cairns Homestead. The estate was known as Walnut Grove during Cairns time. Dr. Cairns died1832 and the estate went to C. B. Wallace, Al LaSource and finally  Fred Niebruegge. Niebruegge remodeled the Cairns home and made it into a modern home. The Wallace Cemetery is located about 35 yards from the home. The cemetery is choked with weeds once again. Governor Shadrach Bond held his first banquet as Governor at the Cairns estate. The House was destroyed by the Great Flood of 1993.The house was eventually torn down and hauled away in September 1995.
.Entrance to the cellar. The ceiling of the cellar consists of old logs. The logs are used in the construction of the cellar similar to how they were used in construction of home building in  the days of Caldwell Cairns. The cellar as with the home is no longer in existence.
Old Barn-Niebruegge - Cairns homestead -Barn is no longer in existence.