The below photos were found in a beautiful old photo album that belonged to my Mosbacher family of Columbia, Il. Included in this photo album were these unknown photographs. We assume they are some how related to the Anton and Margaret Mosbacher family .

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Unknown Unknown

Unknown Infant Unknown Infant

Unknown Infant

Unknown Infant

This photo was identified as Rev Julius Maurer, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church 1863-1892 Identified by Bernie Neurohr Unknown group of men.

This photo was submitted by Leslie (Bridges) Kohler. On the back are the names Mabel and Lucy RITTER.  Leslie state that she "rescued' the picture from an antique shop in Carrollton, Carroll County, Missouri. But, since there is no marking to indicate where the picture was made. Leslie would love to find a Ritter family member for this picture. 

Was loose in album, in front with child on shoulders is Amanda "Becker" Mosbacher with son Eugene on shoulders and husband Henry holding hands of child, assuming this is the Becker Family but not sure.



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