Teresa Rosemann's 

Autograph Book

Submitted by Marie Lawrence

Teresa Rosemann's Autograph Book [Made in Germany] 

Surnames in book: Rosemann, Haltenhof, Ebker, Sinclair, Keymann, Vogt, Raming, Weinhoff, Koenigsmark, Jaeger.  This copy was given to Marie by Jean Jung.

Dear Teresa,

If little things that God has made are useful in their kind: O let us learn a simple truth and bear it on our mind.

Your friend,

Alice Haltenhof

February 26, 1899


Dear Teresa,

The roses are red

The violets are blue

Sugar is sweet and so are you.

Respectfully Yours,

Bertha Ebker

Dec. 31, 1900


Dear Friend

The Sabbath is the golden clasp which binds together the volume of the week.

Written by

Long fellow

April 30/94



Dear Teresa,

Howe'er it be, it seems to me

'Tis only noble to be good:

Kind hearts are more than coronets,

And simple faith than Norman blood.

Written by Tennyson

Your Friend

Leora Sinclair

April 30, 1899


Dear Friend,

I wish you much I wish you plenty

I wish you a nice young man

before you are Twenty.

Your Friend

Tillie Keymann


Dear Teresa

I wish you health, and happiness,

I wish you the golden shore,

I wish you heaven after dead.

What else could I wish you more.

Your Schoolmate

Melia H. Vogt

May 13, 1899


Dear Teresa

Think of me early

Think of me late

Think of the time,

That we stood at the gate.

Your Friend

Minnie Raming


Dear Teresa,

If you are married

and live upstairs

for pity sake's don't

fall down-stairs.

Your friend

Henriette Wienhoff

April 30, 1899


Dear Teresa,

Always be good, kind and true

Then every one will love you.

Your friend,

Minnie Koenigsmark

February 26, 1899


Dear Teresa,

Think of me early

Think of me late

THink of the time we stood at the gate

Your Friend

Mary Frances Jaeger