1918 Periscope

Waterloo High School

1918 View of the Waterloo High School Graduating Class


Ida Stehfest, Ura Eisenbart, Loretta Ziebold, Frieda Hartmann, Olga Hartmann, Flora Schulze, Oliver Kolmer, Fred Metzger, Henry Stahlheber, Elmer Burkhardt, Milton Wagner, John Kessler, and William Schneider.  

The names were submitted from a newspaper article by Barbara Coakley. She did not know the order but stated that Loretta Ziebold is her great aunt she is the girl standing farthest right. There are pictures in the paper of Ida Stehfest (I think she is the girl in the center of the back row) and Ura Eisenbart (seated far right).


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 Waterloo Times News Articles pertaining to the 1918 graduation.

Submitted by Barbara Coakley