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About 1905 Valmeyer School Group Picture

Submitted by Susan (McEvilly) Koehler 

Student list identified listed below.

 Note by: Susan (McEvilly) Koehler:

1905c Valmeyer School - Arnold Miller 5th in row 1 - Adelia Miller, 6th in row 2 - Louis Miller standing far right
This is a picture of my grandfather, Arnold Miller, in primary school. Arnold is fifth from the left in the first row. In the picture with Arnold are two of his siblings, Adelia Miller, sixth from the left in row two, and his brother, Louis Miller, standing on the far right. However, because no year was written on the back, I had to guess, based on the ages of the Miller children as they looked in this picture, that it was taken about 1905. Arnold was born in 1895, Adelia in 1894 and Louis in 1892. Also, the name of the school was not written on the back of this picture. I am guessing that it is a school in or near Valmeyer. The Miller family lived in Valmeyer at this time. Arnold's father, Louis Miller, built the third building that was put up in Valmeyer. It was called "The Globe Hotel and Saloon" and it was built in 1903. If possible, could you put this picture on the site to see if anyone can identify for certain what school this was and if anyone can identify anyone else in the picture?

Listing supplied by Marjorie Welsch: 

Source: unknown newspaper or other news print type item, unknown date 

"This picture of the Valmeyer School was taken about 1901 and was brought to us by Mrs. Edwin Jahr. The building was on Lake Road and later became the Ernst Mosbacher place. It is still standing. 

Left to right are: 
First row [kneeling front], August Welsch*, Martin Bilzing, William Niemann, John Jahr, Arnold Miller, John Weist, Jacob Jehling, and William Dintlemann. 

Second row, Teenie Niemann, Rose Thiele, Frieda Niemann Bieber, Adelheite Jehling Rusteberg, Lena Weisenborn, Adelia Miller Meyer, Ida Schaefer Thompson, Louisa Bilzing, William Laub, Edwin Jahr, George Meyer. 

Third row, Clara Hutter, Minnie Thiele Frederich, Lilly Loewe, Elizabeth Welsch Manley**, Lizzie Oestreich Rusteberg, Louisa Schaefer Pflasterer, Teenie Meyer, Minnie Fromm, Monroe Sensel, Henry Niemann, Adolph Bilzing, Henry Jehling. 

Fourth row, Frank Pflasterer, Adam Hoffmann (teacher), Martin Thiele, Louis Miller."