Bridal Shower in Honor Of

Mrs. Grace Steppig

Picture submitted by Lester Schrader


Bridal Shower in Honor Of Mrs. Grace Steppig

Waterloo Republican, June 25, 1947


Mrs. Dorothy Schrader gave a bridal shower for Mrs. Grace Kettler Steppig in honor

of her recent marriage on May 27, 1947, to Mr. Eugene Steppig of Dupo, Ill.  The living

room was beautifully decorated in blue and white with a sprinkling can attached to the

ceiling, with streamers attached to the gifts.


Guests were Mrs. Eugene Steppig, Mrs. Margaret Schrader, Mrs. Herman Kettler, Mrs.

Glenn Pogue and children, Mrs. Herman Schrader, Mrs. Louis Schrader, Mrs. Anton

Wierschem, Miss Edna Schmidt, Miss Marion Huch, Miss Emma Kettler, Mrs. Arthur

Wessel, Miss Evelyn Schrader, Miss Alvera Schwarze, and Miss Lorraine Schrader.


The afternoon was pleasantly spent and light refreshments were served during the



Transcribed by Jean Jung


Picture taken of that day by Dorothy Schrader. Now Dorothy Rick Of Waterloo, Illinois.



 L to R  Edna Schmidt, Evelyn Schrader, Emma Kettler, Unk, Mrs Hazel Pogue, Eugene Steppig, Mrs Margaret Schrader, Mrs Christine Kettler, Grace Kettler, Mrs Edwin Gummersheimer, Mrs Bertha Schrader, Mrs Alma Schrader, Mrs Arthur Wessel.   Children:  Geraldine Opitz and Joe Opitz. 

Lester Schrader