Misc. Newspaper Articles and Tidbits of News

Waterloo Republican 1914-1917

Waterloo Republican Jan 21, 1914

*William Raba of East St. Louis sent Sunday with his friend David M. Jenkins.
*Miss Bertha Happel of St. Louis spent several days here in attendance at the Pepperni obsequies.
*Mr. and Mrs. Guy Weible of St. Louis spent Wednesday last with their mother Mrs. E. T. Weible and family.
*Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hanft of St. Louis, and Miss Clara Weible of Millstadt spent Sunday with the family of Mrs. Anna B. Weible.
*The old Diehl farm in Sugar Loaf Township will be offered at public sale on the premises on Feb 21, 1914. this is rated a good farm.
*Philip Klein of Valmeyer spent Saturday and Sunday in Columbia with relatives and friends. Phil also took in the Jolly Pastime Mask Ball.

Waterloo Republican Jan 21, 1914
*Mr. and Mrs. Henry Studt had their baby girl christened last Sunday by the Lutheran minister.
*Mrs. Altes and Miss Hilda of Madonnaville are visiting Mrs. P. Bickelhaupt called here on account of sickness.
*Mrs. and Mrs. C. S. Hursey and son Paul of Fults attended M. E. Sunday School and church here last Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. W. Woods and Mr. and Mrs. J. Mosbacher are the proud parents of little boys since last Saturday.
*Theodore Burkhardt and family moved to St. Louis last week. Peter Baker moved into the William Fults house. Mrs. Cheek moved into the Iles house, Philip Schmidt moved into the Burkhardt house, and the newlyweds moved into the McNabb house. 
*Mr. and Mrs. Walter Franklin and baby, Mrs. G. W. Franklin and son Albert and Miss Rook, Mrs. Nagel, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Prange and baby, Mrs. Henry Heller and Miss Louise Bickelhaupt were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. E. Knapp last Sunday.
*Married in Waterloo at the home of Sam Demint, by Squire Louis Demint, Miss Lilly McNabb to Mr. L. Modglin, both of Renault, last Thursday, Jan 15, 1914. Mr. McNabb father of the bride took the young folks to Waterloo and back to his house. Friday they came to the parents of the groom for dinner and fitted up thir home and are citizens of Renault now. Their many friends wish them a happy and prosperous life together.


Waterloo Republican September 9, 1914

Joe Hawson Has Returned
Joe Hawson has returned after about eight weeks across the water, having had a delightful visit, but glad to get back home again. Mr. Hawson left just before the European trouble broke out and they knew nothing of the war until two days before reaching England. Joe visited his old home in Stockton, also London, Liverpool, and a number of other places. His twenty-eight years absence made him almost a a foreigner there, so much so in fact that he had lost much of the English brogue and he accordingly looked upon as a foreigner, by those who did not know him. In some places he was taken for a German spy. Money was hard to get, but he was fortunate in meeting a former friend who was a banker. His return trip was on the Mauretania. The water was smooth all the way, and he had no sea sickness.


Waterloo Republican September 9, 1914

Real Estate Transfers
Ignatius Mosbacher to W. E. Crook
H. J. Niebruegge et al to Martin Kunz, Valmeyer
R. E. Gauen tp Hugo Bremser, Burksville


Waterloo Republican March 3, 1915


Miss Maude Crocker entertained the Five Hundred Club at her home Saturday evening. Miss Ruth Adelsberger won the first prize, and Mrs. Harry Crocker, the second. The hostess served delicious refreshemnts, and a delightful time was had by all. 
Miss Madeline Hadyne of Montgomery, Mo., was a guest from out of town.

Waterloo Republican March 3, 1915

The Domestic Science Club met with Miss Luella Rickert. Fourteen members were present. A few progarms were distributed. Five were reserved for State Officers. Our thanks are due to Mr. Paul Erd for their neat and handsome appearance.
Remarks on "Water" were concluded by Mrs. Hoener.
The members were led to the dining room which was truly a bower of beauty. Washington's birthday being so near, the national colors were plentifully scattered and artistically blended. Souvenirs were a miniature flag and hatchet. The menu left nothing to be desired.
Adjourned to meet with Miss May Murphy, the third Thursday of March which will be March 18, 1915.


Waterloo Republican March 3, 1915

Real Estate Transfers
Joe Bertram to Theo and Geo Stockel
Lena Burkhardt to John D. Fogilphol
Caroline Mueller to Henry J. Niebruegge
Peter Mueller to Caroline Mueller
Jacob Mosbacher to Frank Thoma
Gus Turize to Fred Schanz
John Forster to F. H. Moskopp
Fred Schwarz to Hy Fischer


Waterloo Republican April 21, 1915

Real Estate Transfers
Jos H. Gauen to Fr Tebbenhoff
Hy Senssel to Chr Bestman
Demint & Hardy to Louisa Hoffman
Frederick Langbein to Ferd Obst
Anton Schulte to Jacob Mosbacher
S. A. Johnson to Lena and Anna Vogt
Frederick Wilde to Marie L. Jahr
D. Offerman to Louis Kaestner
Emily Heise to Louis Haller
Bnina Buettner to Ec Buettner
Adolph Huth to Wm. Becker

Waterloo Republican April 21, 1915

The barn belonging to Louis Toenjes caught fire early Friday morning and was completely destroyed.
Fire was discovered by a neigh-boy while the Toenjes family were still in bed.
The origin of the fire at that time in the morning is a mystery.
Waterloo Republican April 21, 1915
August Schatte, Maeystown
Caroline Boersch, Waterloo
James A. Orr, East St Louis
Mary Beckmann, East St. Louis
Philip Kern, Belleville
Anna Golsch, Belleville
Herman L. Freimuth, Waterloo
Margaret Wischmeyer, Waterloo
Waterloo Republican April 21, 1915
To whom it may concern:
My wife, Lizzie M. Buettner, has left my bed and board and I will not be responsible for any debt or contract she may make. Louis H. Buettner
Waterloo Republican April 21, 1915
*Henry Frisch spent Sunday with Gus Hempe and family.
*Walter and Albert Berneking passed thru here last Sunday.
*The dance at John Verver's was well attended and all reported a jolly time.*Wm. Verver, Joe Larsie and Arthur Bertram were callers here last Sunday.
*Joe Larsie spent one day last week in Burksville.
*John Hempe was a Waterloo visitor last Sunday morning.
*Chas. Sprankle and Wm. Voss spent Sunday at the Notter home.
*Sid Rainer of Waterloo passed thru here in his auto last Friday.
*Ed Hoffmann motored to Waterloo last Friday evening on business.
*Wm. Ververs was a business caller at Waterloo Saturday.
*Rev. Baumgertle returned home from his trip to Colorado last week.
*Mrs. Gus Hempe and daughter were Waterloo shoppers last Friday.
*Wm. Melching moved his saw mill to John Ververs last Saturday.
*Henry Hagene was a Burksville caller one day last week.
*Philip Schroder spent last Sunday at Brownsburg.
*Mrs. John Hempe and son William spent Sunday with Henry Meyer and family. 
Waterloo Republican April 21, 1915

*Charles Mueller gave Herman Mueller a pleasant call Sunday afternoon.
*Mr. and Mrs. William Meister were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lokamp Sunday.
*Fred Heine and wife of Waterloo were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Hoffmann and family Sunday.
*Ed Minnemann and sister Elsie of Hecker drove thru our burg Saturday enrooted to Mr. and Mrs. W. Valentine.
Waterloo Republican April 21, 1915

*Len Modglin is home again from Herculaneum.
*Mr. And Mrs. Gus Prange and children visited at Franklin's last Sunday.*Mrs. J. W. Hursey and Miss Ethel Kernell visited friends at Fults last Sunday.
*Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dashner are the proud parents of a little daughter since last Saturday.
*John Buettner, Henry Jost and Mts. Clara Heyl of near Fults were Renault visitors Sunday.
*Patrick Carr, brother Pete and brother-in-law Francis O'Leary were Renault visitors Monday.*Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kettmann and baby were visitors at C. S. Dashner's last Sunday evening.*Mrs. Sam Demint of Waterloo and Mrs. J. O. McNelly of Chester visited Mrs. Eckert this week.
*Miss Edith Hendrix of East ST. Louis visited relatives and friends here last Saturday and Sunday.
*Mrs. Frank McClennahan and Mrs. Walter Zeiger and Children called on Miss Rook Sunday afternoon.
*The school directors for the coming year are Dr. Isom, Theodore Stoeckel and Henry Nagel the new member.
*The trustees of this School Township met here last Saturday and installed their new member Henry Kaestner.
*The road commissioners Messrs Reed, Welsh, Faust and clerk Franklin had their meeting here one day last week.
*George Bickelhaupt Jr. is in Waterloo taking instructions on automobiles this week. He intends buying one in the near future.
*The little baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schmitz died Saturday and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery Monday morning.
*Hiram Carmichael and children of Ziegler, Ill., are visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. James McLaughlin for the last few days.
*Our sick people are improving. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Bostwick and children of Modoc came up Saturday and (staid) until Monday with their sick father J. W. Bostwick.
*A little boy a grand-child of Mrs. John Allen who lately lost her husband and son died at her house Sunday of croup. The time is not set for the funeral but it will be in the hold Hendrix cemetery.


Waterloo Republican June 9, 1915

Real Estate Transfers
W. C. Steinman to Alfred Schaefer
Fred Durrer to Mary Loehr
Michael Stumpf to Fred Stumpf
Margaretha Jehling to John Herbst
Jos H. Gauen to Chas Wischmeier
Chester Cunningham to Clara Cunningham
Louis Kettler to Chas H. Stamm
Peter Maurer to John Maurer
Peter Maurer to Jacob Maurer
Louisa Mosbacher to John A. Faust
Jacob Maurer to Peter Maurer
Ida Gauen to Oliver Reagan
Julia Meching to Ed Prescher
Albert J. Gregson to Ed L. Gregson
Ed L. Gregson to Martha M. Starr
Same to Alb J. Gregson
Same to Jos G. Gregson
Same to Lewis J. Gregson
Ad G. Grieshammer to Pauline Grieshammer



Waterloo Republican July 14, 1915

Real Estate Transfers
Erhard Schoenheiter to Anna Kettler
Jos Urke to Wm. Wecker
Geo W. Doerr to John Wismath
Jos C. Meyer to G. W. Wiesenborn



Waterloo Republican Feb 7, 1917

Real Estate Transfers
Hy Hoffman to Monroe Co for road
H. Bremser et al N. B. Pautler
Gertrude M. Tolin to A. C. Bollinger
Ac. Bollinger to N. B. Pautler
Elsie Hergenroeder by Master to Ig Mosbacher
Demint & Hardy to Monroe County
Wm. Faust et al to Geo Frisch



Waterloo Republican, Wednesday, Feb 21, 1917

Marriages - Jordan Schnellbecker
Miss Mary Schnellbecker and Mr. John Jordan were quietly married Saturday in "Columbkilles" church.
Rev. Dr. J. J. Head officiated at the ceremony.
Miss Schnellbecker is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schnellbecker who formerly lived near Deer Hill.
Mr. Jordan is the son of a prominent family in Carondelet.
The bride was attended by Miss Ella Thiele an intimate friend of hers, and Mr. Patrick Jordan a brother of the groom acted as best man.
The bride and bridesmaid were both neatly dressed and carried lilies of the valley.
After the ceremony they left for the home of her sister Mrs. Adam Becker where a splendid supper was served. Just the relatives and intimate friends were present.
After supper they all left to attend the dance at Mr. and Mrs. Geo Anderson's which was given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Newly Wed.
They all congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Jordan and wished them a long and happy life.
The young couple will depart for their own home Saturday which will be on Michigan Ave. in Carondelet.

Waterloo Republican Feb 21, 1917
Real Estate Transfers

H. J. Niebruegge to Theo M. Sondag
John Sperber to Thos M. Sondag
Margaret Rehling to Oscar F. Schulze
John A. Mosbacher to Theo Ludwig
Anna and Bertha Henerfauth to John Henerfauth

Waterloo Republican October 31, 1917

Choir at Floraville
Rev. G. F. Brink of the Evangelical church, accompanied by the choir, and interested members of the church went to Floraville in six machines last Sunday to assist them in the missionfest. Pastor Brink delivered an English sermon, and the choir sang several songs. The visit to Floraville and their reception there was enjoyable beyond measure, but coming home they were caught in the storm, and… (note by transcriber: that was how the article ended)

Waterloo Republican October 31, 1917
Social Dance

Emil Mosbacher announces a social dance to be given at his hall in Fults on Saturday evening, Nov 3. Everyone is kindly invited.

Waterloo Republican October 31, 1917
Real Estate Transfers

Adolph Rohm to Katie Rohm
Ig Mosbacher to Mary M. Flynn
Diet Offermann to Frank E. Luttmann
Mary A. Bornman by Master to Frank Toenjes

Waterloo Republican Nov 31, 1917
Real Estate Transfers

Dena Acker et al to Edmond C. F. Landgraf
F. G. Rapp to Jon Weilbecher
Philip Mueller to Kate Zweig
John Reheis to Robt Ruhl
Wm. G. Stehfest to Bank of Hecker
John Gambach to Joe R. Braun
Lawrence Tansey to Christian Nottmeier
Anton Mosbacher to Columbia Quarry
R. J. Senf John Cibula
Henry Dent to Chr Friedman
Frances E. Carson to Chr Friedman
Matilda Schneider to Chas Grosse
Jac Loeffler to Frank Kosidorz