Misc. Newspaper Articles and Tidbits of News

from Around the County 1907

Waterloo Republican  February 27, 1907


Mrs. Gustie Kraus of St. Louis was here Monday to pay her taxes.

George Niclas and family of East St. Louis visited their mother Mrs. Niclas and family Sunday.

Mrs. George Riebeling spent a few days at Maxville, Mo on a visit to her daughter Mrs. Herman Zink.

The past week was a busy one for our doctors.  Nearly every house contained a patient. 

The prevailing sickness seems to be a kind of grip, not severe, but just had enough to make the sufferer right miserable.

Mrs. James Allen, wife of prominent farmer residing in the Bottom died at her home on Wednesday, Feb 20, and her remains were laid to rest at Palmer cemetery on Friday, Feb 23.  The deceased whose maiden name was Maria Davis, was a native of Ohio. She leaves her husband but no children.  Mrs. Allen was known for her womanly virtues, her fidelity to the home, and her many domestic qualities.  Her presence in the home will be sadly missed.  We tender the bereaved husband our sympathy.

Word was received here Monday morning that Mrs. Daniel Rey died at a hospital in St. Louis.  The death of Mrs. Rey was unusually sad and peculiar.  About ten days ago she was visiting with a friend in the Bottom and, so the report goes, had the misfortune to run a splinter under her finger nail.  Little was thought of the occurrence.  In company with her husband she went to St. Louis for a few days visit.  Mr. Rey returned home leaving his wife in the city.  Sunday he was horrified to receive the news that his wife was dying in the hospital with tetanus.  The little, seemingly insignificant splinter had in the meantime done its deadly work.  At the time of writing this the funeral arrangements had not been made.  The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the sorrowing husband in his most sad bereavement.

Sunday morning telephonic communication reached here that Mrs. Frieda Jung, wife of Adam Jung, (a former Columbia citizen, but for many years a resident of Belleville,) had died.  Mrs. Jung, whose maiden name was Frieda Pischer, was well and favorably know here. Just a few years ago her family had moved into a fine new house which was built by them, hoping to spend their declining years in comfort.  But it was not to be.  The mother was stricken with a disease uncurable, and she suffered for over a year when death relieved her Sunday morning.  A large number of friends and relatives from here attended the funeral at Walnut Hill cemetery on Tuesday.  Among those who attended we mention Henry Klein, Misses Ida and Carrie Klein, Mrs. D. Schneider and daughter Miss Emma, Miss Johanna Henfling, the Weinerl and Grosse families, Mrs. H. N.


Waterloo Republican  February 27, 1907


Miss Susie Crashow was in Millstadt Thursday.

Mr. A. Keenie made a trip to Bixby Sunday.

John Arras spent Thursday in Waterloo with friends.

Another heavy snow fell here and sleigh riding is in a full go.

John and Arthur Miller of St. Louis were here visiting their cousin John Koch Sunday.

Chas. Andel our teacher of Metter School spent Saturday and Sunday at his home in Belleville.

A daughter arrived at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Metter last Wednesday, the Metter family is sure enough happy over the arrival of their daughter.

Mr. Arthur Wintz son of Henry Wintz and Miss Marie Banger daughter of Gus Banger of here married in Columbia in the St. Paul's Church by Rev. Donenburg Thursday, both young people were quite popular here and will go to house keeping in Mount Vernon where the groom occupies a farm.


Waterloo Republican - May 1, 1907



Fred Heusohn was found dead in a slough last Wednesday afternoon while returning from Chaflin Bridge.

It appears that he had fallen from his horse.  The water was only about a foot deep.

The deceased leaves a wife and large family.  The interment was in Deer Hill Cemetery Friday.


Mrs. Margaret Frank, widow of the late Peter Frank, died near Paderborn Thursday and was buried in the Hecker Cemetery Saturday, aged 73 years.

Three daughters survive, Mrs. Fred Gassot, Mrs. Ettling, and a daughter at home.


Mrs. Elizabeth Meyer, widow of the late Fred Meyer of Valmeyer, died April 30, 1907, aged 71 years.

The remains will be interred in the Waterloo Cemetery tomorrow, Thursday.  The cortege will leave the residence at 9 o'clock.


Waterloo Republican - May 1, 1907

Marriage License

David Kurtz, 28, St. Louis  Hulda Lemen, 22, New Design

Con Wiersch, 29, New Design  Katie Kaiser, 23, Bluff

Fritz Riebeling, 22  Columbia  Lydia, Ferkel, 18, Columbia


Waterloo Republican - May 1, 1907

New Lutheran Church

Rev. Pieper laid the corner stone of the new Lutheran church Sunday.  This congregation was organized here in 1899, Miss Frances Schmidt, H. C. Horn and H. C. Boehne, being instrumental in its organization. The building is to be of brick. It will occupy a part of the old Moore site.


Waterloo Republican - May 1, 1907 - Silver Wedding

Several of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Petre called upon them the occasion of their silver wedding Saturday evening. The visitors enjoyed the time very much. Among the visitors fro Belleville were Messers Chas. Nesbit and family, Adolf Golsch, Geo. Grantz, Henry Jaeger, J. Johnson, Calvin Nesbit, Edgar Nesbit, Joe Jagge, Miss Katie Jagge, Mrs. E. Schaedler, Mrs. J. Noelkles.  There were also many Waterloo friends present.