Philip and Barbara Schmidt

Submitted by Richard L. Ross of Littleton, Colorado.


Photo of Philip and Barbara Schmidt.

He was christened "Philipp Adam Schmitt" on 19 September 1819, St. Martin's Roman Catholic Church, Niederkirchen Deidesheim, Pfalz, Bayern. He is the son of "Joannes Schmitt " [Johannes Schmitt] of Deidesheim, Pfalz, Bayern and his wife "Eva Regina Reinhard". His parents were married 13 February 1810, St Martin's Catholic Church, Niederkirchen Dedesheim, Pfalz, Bayern.

On 7 July 1845, in Monroe County, Illinois, Philipp Schmidt, then age 26 years, married Elizabeth Mosbacher, then age 18 years, the eldest daughter of John Baptiste Mosbacher of Deidesheim, Pfalz, Bayern and his wife Margaretha Hehl of Deidesheim, Pfalz, Bayern. Elizabeth died in 1859 after the 10 August 1859 birth of her son William Schmidt.

Philipp Schmidt died November 1870 at Town of Columbia, Monroe County, IL. [Date of death not yet discovered but inferred as November 1870 based on Estate Appraisement Bill dated 28 November 1870]

The children of Philipp Schmidt and Elizabeth Mosbacher were:
Philipp born 1846 [died before 1854]
Barbara born 1848 [later became Mrs. Jacob Riechert]
Mary born 1850 
George born 1852 [1870 census age 18]
Philipp born 1854
Charles born 1857, later married Henrietta (Yetta) Vogt [Charles died 3 June 1930, Monroe County Death Certificate #670063]
William born 10 August 1859, later married Wilhelmina Hermann [William died 29 January 1937, Mulkeytown, Franklin County, IL]

Three children were born to Philipp's second marriage to Barbara (her surname yet unknown) :
Edward born 1864 (twins born 1864)
Mary E. born August 1864 (later became Mrs. Leopold Mutz) [died 23 August 1947 East St Louis, St Clair County, IL]
Eliza (Lizzie) born 1866 (later became Mrs. Frank Riebeling) [died 1952 St Elizabeth Hospital, Belleville, St Clair County, IL]