Louis and Henriette Wenkel Seyffardt

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Ludwig Ernst (Louis) Seyffardt Henriette Wenkel

Seyffardt Children

Heinrich Philip Seyffardt Minnie & Louis Seyffardt Alyda Katharina Dorothea Seyffardt





Ludwig Ernst (Louis) Seyffardt was born on October 15, 1858, in Titibawassee, Michigan. When he was a small child, his family moved to Saginaw where his father owned a hardware store. By 1874, Louis had lost three of his nine siblings and both of his parents. His oldest sister Mathilde married a widower from St. Louis named Philip Gruner. When Mathilde moved to St. Louis, Louis and another sister, Sophie, also moved to the area. This was in about 1880.

Louis Seyffardt and Henriette Wenkel were engaged on June 30, 1882, and married in Columbia, Illinois on November 2 of the same year. Henriette first noticed Louis from the home of her Fiege cousins. She watched him as he walked to work at the Masonic building on Main Street where he served as a druggist. The Fiege home is a white brick house with a wrought iron fence, and is still standing. Four children were born to Louis and Henriette: Louis (29 Aug 1883), Mina Sophie (5 Oct 1884), Heinrich Philip (24 Jul 1886), and Alyda Katharina (30 Oct 1887). The three oldest died within a week of each other from diptheria in 1888. Louis was extremely distraught. He thought that as a druggist he should have been able to prevent the deaths. He moved with his wife and remaining daughter to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the home of two of his sisters and many cousins. On January 23, 1894, he died. His daughter Alyda said he died of a broken heart. The death certificate lists typhoid fever as the cause. Louis was returned to Columbia for burial beside his children.

Henriette Wenkel was the granddaughter of Conrad and Henriette Wenkel, early settlers of Columbia (about 1848). Her parents were Friedrich Wenkel and Mina Kalowsky. When Friedrich died in 1865, Mina remarried Konrad Bolm, but she died shortly thereafter in 1867, and was buried beside Friedrich. After Louis's death, Henriette moved to Jerseyville, Illinois, to be with her sister Lena and Lena's husband Henry Brockman. There Alyda met and later married Carlton Randolph.

All of the Wenkel's, Seyffardt's, Randolph's, and Fiege's named above are buried at St. Paul Evanglical Cemetery in Columbia, Illinois.


From Saginaw Globe (24 JAN 1894)

Wm. Seyffardt received a telegram this morning announcing the death of his brother, Louis Seyffardt, of Milwaukee. A severe attack of lagrippe was the cause of death. Mr. Seyffardt was born and brought up in this city, having resided here until about 8 years ago. He was for many years in the employ of Wm. Moll in the drug business. Many friends in this city will be grieved at the news of his death. The remains will be taken to Columbia, Ill, for interment.

From Waterloo Republican (FEB 1894)

Louis Seyffardt was buried here Friday. He died in Milwaukee, Wis., and was brought to his old home where several of his family are buried. Some years ago Mr. Seyffardt occupied the drug store in the Masonic building now owned by Dr. Nixon. During Garfield's administration he was appointed postmaster. He was a man of eccentric disposition, but of considerable ability and an uncompromising republican.

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