Frederick and Maria Anna "Weger" Kipping



Frederick Kipping was born in Herdorf, Germany on March 7, 1826.  His given name was Friedrich Wilhelm Kipping.  His parents were Johann Peter Kipping (also known as Johann Peter Kipping VI) and Maria Margaretha Kipping.  His father was a shoemaker.  Frederick was the oldest of Johann and Maria's children.  The other three were girls.  The family was Catholic.

The Kipping family had lived in the Herdorf area since at least the mid 1600's.  Herdorf is located east of Bonn, northwest of Frankfurt and southwest of Siegen. At the time of his birth, both of his paternal grandparents, Johann Peter Kipping and Maria Elisabeth Latsch had passed away.  Both of his maternal grandparents, Johann Peter Kipping and Maria Margaretha Stinner were still alive when Frederick was born.  (Note: There were a large number of Kipping families living in the Herdorf area in the 1700's and a number of makes were named Johann Peter.)

Frederick married Maria Anna Weger on Oct. 23, 1849 in Herdorf.  Maria Anna was born in Sassenroth, Germany on June 1, 1828, the second of four children.  Sassenroth is a small village west of Herdorf.  Her father was Heinrich Weger.  It is not known where Heinrich was born or the names of his parents.  Maria Anna's mother was Maria Catharina Theis, who was born in Sassenroth.  At the time Maria Anna was born her maternal grandfather Johann Peter Theis, a Shepard, was still alive.

Frederick and Maria Anna had a total of twelve children, five of whom survived to adulthood.  The oldest of the five surviving children was Leo Kipping who was born on April 18, 1853.  The other children were Magdelana, born in 1857, who became Mrs. Charles Moscop; Joseph, born in 1860, Edward, born in 1863, and Peter, born in 1866.  It was reported by a family member that one of the Kipping's children died aboard ship during the family's voyage to the United States in 1865.  It is thought that he family departed Germany from Bremen and sailed to New York.  They then traveled to ST. Louis where they lived for two years before moving to Monroe County, Illinois.

Frederick's occupation in Germany was listed as a shoemaker.  After moving to Illinois he became a farmer, at some point acquiring 80 acres immediately north of the small community of Monroe City.  Frederick became a citizen of the United States in Waterloo, Illinois on October 29, 1873. He died in Bluff Township in Monroe County, Illinois on September 25, 1888.  He was 62 years old. The cause of his death was listed as stricture of the esophagus.  He was buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Madonnaville, Illinois on September 27, 1888.  He had been ill for four months before his death.

After Frederick's death his widow sold the 80 acres farm in 1895.  Maria Anna Kippin died on April 4, 1901 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Moskop in Monroe City.  She was several months short of her 73rd birthday. She is also buried in the Catholic cemetery in Madonnaville.

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