Family of Barbara Mosbacher Baum 

Photos Submitted by Rama Brunswick

Barbara Mosbacher Baum and daughter Mary Baum.


Barbara Mosbacher married Nicholas Baum September 20, 1877, they had the following children:  Joseph, Mag, Mary, John, Adam and William. Barbara was the daughter of John Wendelin and Clara Gross Mosbacher. Barbara was born January 28, 1857 in Monroe County.


Joseph Baum son of Nicholas and Barbara Mosbacher Baum. May 20, 1914 Wedding Photo, (setting) Adam F. Baum (on his right) is his bride Elsie Rhea Pollock, (standing in back) Joe Baum, grooms brother and (left front) Lucy Perron. 

Arnold and Mary Baum McClure. Herman Lawrence Messick second husband of Barbara Mosbacher.

Adam Baum and daughter Anna Elizabeth. Anna Elizabeth and Melvina Baum daughters of Adam and Elsie Pollock Baum.