Arthur Benjamin and Lena "Korves" Riebeling

My Grandparents

Submitted by Sharon Hackworth

Arthur Benjamin Riebeling and Lena Korves were married in Waterloo, Monroe County, Illinois on October 29, 1921, they were the parents of 10 children; Ervin, Clara, Georgiana, Herbert, Arthur, Lenora, Shirley, Eugene, Ralph and Leroy.  They lived in Monroe County all their lives.  

Arthur was the son of Louis and Martha "Bollin" Riebeling, he was one of five children born to these parents.  He was born in Moredock Precinct, Monroe County, Illinois, July 28, 1898 and died July 04, 1980.

Lena was the daughter of Julius and Catherine (Katie)  "Mosbacher" Korves(Korvas). She was one of eleven children born to these parents.  Lena was born in New Hanover, Monroe County, Illinois on January 28, 1903 and died May 02, 1971, Swansea, Illinois