Heinrich Kemp

Naturalization papers (1857 & 1859) Monroe County


Barbara Estabrook writes: I have enclosed the documents from my great-great-grandfather's (HEINRICH KEMP) naturalization (1857 & 1859). I just recently had them scanned. They are the original documents that have been passed down through the family to me. Unfortunately, the second document is now in 2 pieces. Many, many years ago, I tried to find any official records of his naturalization in court records of Monroe County, but couldn't find anything. Perhaps I was just looking in the wrong places. These were the documents given by the court to him. The most important thing, for me, was that he came to America in 1846. I'm still searching for the actual date and ship, and of course where in the Dukedom of Braunschweig he was born and who his parents were. If you need any more info on Heinrich, just let me know. Thanks. Barbara Estabrook (barbara54@juno.com )

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