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Family members said that William's family had been traced (back) INTO Pennsylvania, that Indian Blood was a part of the lineage and the search for family information ended in an Orphanage Most census records indicate that William's father was born in Pennsylvania.  However, one Monroe County Census shows his father's birthplace as Germany.  His mother's birthplace is shown as Germany on all documents.


Documentation indicates that William participated in the U. S. Mexican War.  He is shown entering the war in June 1846, as part of "Muster Roll Co. I.", which was originated in Waterloo.  He is shown as mustering out at Camargo, Mexico on 19 June 1847.


William married Elizabeth (Margaret) Millman on 13(18) December 1849, William Helm's last name was also written as Wilhelm in a St. Augustine Catholic Church archive document.  On the 1850 Federal census William and Elizabeth lived on Prairie du Long.  His occupation was shown as farmer and thresher.  On the census William's age was not written clearly and maybe 21 or 31.  Elizabeth / Margaret's age was shown as age 18.


In 1852 they purchased a 40 acre farm located at the N/E qtr. Of N/E qtr of section (13) in township No. (3) South of Range No. (9) west / (Res-12).


Their first child was Mary (Margaret Marie) born circa 1850.  Another daughter, Catherine, was born circa 1852.  Daughter, Helena was born 25 Oct 1853 (baptized on 15 April / May) 1854.  Henry William, also shown as William on some documents, was born in January1859.  Another daughter, Sarah, was born in the early 1860's (17 January 1861?).  After William and Elizabeth (Margaret) deaths, in the middle 1860's another son was discovered in Helm Family Estate legal documents.  That son was John S. Helm.  I have found no information regarding John's personal history.


A discrepancy, for William and his wife's ages, also exists on the 1860 census.  The federal census was incomplete for that year.  I "did not find" William, or his family, in the federal census.  A Monroe County census shows William's age as "40" and (Elizabeth) Margaret's as "38".  Children shown on the census are Mary 10, (Catherine 8 shown on some records), and Henry 6 months.  Other documentation shows Henry's birth date as 10 January 1859.  Helena was not shown on the census but does appear in later documentation.


William died on 19 December 1864, Elizabeth / Margaret died circa 11 September 1865.  Elizabeth's brother, August Millman, paid St. Augustine Church three dollars for funeral services, and an additional tow dollars for a place in the graveyard on 11 September , 1865.  When looking at "that document I found Magdalenea Margaetha Helm buried in the Church cemetery.  I feel confident this was Elizabeth (Margaret / Mary Helm.  Her death is shown as 11 September 1865


A St. Augustine Catholic Cemetery Document shows and accounting was made, of the burials (in the cemetery), in 1982.  On that 1882 accounting it was state, "I'm sure there are many burials for which there are no markers, as there are many gaps."  William and Elizabeth are not shown on that 1982 accounting document.


The St. Augustine Catholic Church "Cemetery" is located just off 156 on Cemetery Road.  Cemetery Road is located approximately 1 mile West of 159.  Turn right (North) onto Cemetery Road and proceed a short distance to the cemetery.   The cemetery was also the "Original Site" for the St. Augustine Church before moving to 159; St. Augustine is located when (first) entering Hecker from the north.


After their deaths William and Elizabeth Helm's farm was sold and probate proceeds were divided equally among Mary, Henry, Sarah and John.  On 22 Jan 1880 Henry received $237.37.  He received this money from August Millman who the Helm estate executor.  This was Henry's share (Final Settlement) of the sale of the Helm farm.  The money was received from the Monroe County Probate Court.


After William and Elizabeth's death August Millman became the Helm Children's legal guardian, August Millman, Elizabeth's brother, owned an adjoining farm to William and Elizabeth Helm.  William Helm's daughter Mary married Joseph Fuerstenbery (Furstenbury) on 09 Jun 1870 and together they had several children.  Mary died in 20 Oct 1876 at the age of 26.


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