Wallace Cemetery

The cemetery is in a farm field  located near Harrisonville on the old Niebruegge farm. Submitted by Eugene Beals.



Photos were shot in September 1995. This photo shows the cemetery in middle of a  field of what looks to be soy beans.



The cemetery is filled with a variety of weeds as shown by this photo. The cemetery was under 13 feet of water during the Great Flood of 1993.Amazingly there was no extensive damage done to the cemetery.
This photo shows Dr. Cairns stone deep in the soil. Richard Jones of Edwardsville and I discovered the stone was actually broke in half at the base of the stone. On October 7, 1995 he and I dug up around the base of the stone until the complete crack was visible. We devised a plan to fix it. He would rock the stone and I would fill the hole with soil as he rocked the stone up to the break. After a long strenuous period  the stone was now above the break. We set the stone on the break. It fit in perfectly. We filled the hole and shook the stone to test it. The stone was secure and looked nice. It gave us a sense of pleasure being able to preserve an important part of Illinois History.

This last photo was shot in April 1996 My uncle Lloyd Cairns (New Albany, Indiana) and I (Collinsville, Illinois) spent a weekend cutting,  mowing, and  sprucing up the cemetery. On Sunday of that weekend we finished. The cemetery looked pristine and an important part of Monroe County and Illinois history had been preserved for future generations. Eugene  Beals standing in front of cemetery.  Eugene was the submitter of the photos for this Cemetery.








Name Birth - Death Notes

Atkinson, William

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Died  Nov 10, 1823

75 yrs, 6 mos., 6 days

Brickey, Mary

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Dec 12, 1838 - May 11, 1861

w/o Thos Coke Brickey

Brickey, Thomas Coke

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Nov 27, 1829, Apr 8, 1860


Cairns, Dr. Caldwell

Submitted by Eugene Beals




Died Apr 17, 1832





One of the first settles of this country.  Note by Eugene Beals: Dr. Caldwell Cairns signer of the  first Constitution of Illinois on April 18, 1818. Constitution   View 2

Cairns, William CView 2

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Died 1844


Ihorn, Hannnah M.

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Oct 11, 1878 - Jul 24, 1878


Wallace, Coke Brickey

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Oct 12, 1861 - Apr 28, 1931 .

Wallace, Mary C.

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Nov 4, 1861 - Dec 22, 1937  

McCormick, Mary Jane

Submitted by Eugene Beals

1838 - 1911 w/o John McCormick

Squire, Dr. Cyrus   View 2

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Jul 29, 1822 - Dec 7, 1881


Squire, Hannah S.

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Sep 10, 1813 - Dec 15, 1881

w/o Dr. Cyrus Squire

Wallace, Leah Marie

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Apr 18, 1918 - May 25, 1932


Wood, Stephen C.

Submitted by Eugene Beals

Died Aug 2, 1882 Aged 42