St. Francis Xavier Cemetery

The following information was sent by Mary Ellen Huetsch and found in the publication  Arrowheads to Aerojets.  Photos sent by Jean Jung.

"St. Francis Xavier's Church on the Valmeyer Road had its beginnings when the Adelsberger family and others obtained permission from Bishop Rosati of St. Louis to build a log church on land donated by the Adelsbergers for that purpose.  The church was located about six miles west of Waterloo and five miles north of Madonnaville.  The church was of upright log construction like the church in Cahokia, probably because the priests coming from Cahokia were familiar with that type of construction.  No resident priest was sent but regular services were held at intervals.  Later the pastors of Waterloo made regular visits.  The baptisms, deaths, and marriages are listed in the Waterloo records with a notation that they attended St. Francis Xavier's Church.  The Notter family donated additional acreage at a later date.  The tract is approximately twelve acres, lying at the intersection of four townships: 2-10, 3-10, 2-11, and 3-11.  A directory of the Alton Diocese (now Springfield) in 1880 lists the parish with the Reverend J. W. Gifford as the priest in charge.  The last service was held about 1895.  At that time the people were to attend either Madonnaville or Waterloo parishes.  The old church continued to exist until 1911 when the logs of the church were taken to Madonnaville and used as firewood."

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Adelsberger, Elizabeth   Submitted by Jean Jung


Jun 11, 1822 w/o Francis X. Adelsberger, aged 76 years.
Bunschor, John     Submitted by Jean Jung Jun 20, 1841 Mar 25, 1872 Aged 30 years, 9 months,. 37 days
Bunchur, John       Submitted by Jean Jung Apr 31, 1803 May 14, 1849 .
Burke, Laurence K. Submitted by Jean Jung May 3, 1830 Feb 29, 1872 Born in Ireland
Citt, Josephine      Submitted by Jean Jung Sep 6, 1856 Sep 18, 1856 .
Eichelmann, Anna S. Submitted by Jean Jung Jun 9, 1846 Jul 30, 1934 .
Engler, Julia Rosa  Submitted by Jean Jung Aug 14, 1874 Apr 10, 1875 .
Hutter, Johannes    Submitted by Jean Jung Jun 28, 1817 Apr 19, 1871 .
Hutter, John J.       Submitted by Jean Jung Sep 5, 1846


s/o John & Appollonia Hutter
Jewett, Livonia A.  Submitted by Jean Jung 1850 Aug 2, 1851 d/o W. S. & C. Jewett
Lilly, Joseph A.     Submitted by Jean Jung Oct 23, 1853 Aged, 55 yrs. 7 mos.
McDermott, Mary    Submitted by Jean Jung . Feb 6, 1848 Aged 72 years
Mentel, Anton       Submitted by Jean Jung Jan 29, 1840 Apr 23, 1869 Aged 29 yrs, 2 mo, 24 days
Mentel, Elizabeth       Submitted by Jean Jung Oct 180? Jul 1843? .
Mosbacher, A. Margaretha Submitted by Jean Jung   Jul 20, 1837 May 29, 1870 .
Muller, Heinrich     Submitted by Jean Jung Dec 13, 1849 Mar 12, 1872 22 yrs., 3 mo., 29 days
Muller, Nickolaus   Submitted by Jean Jung Nov 6, 1810 Oct 17, 1875 .