Rubemeier Burials

New Hanover Cemetery

Monroe County, Illinois

Submitted by Charles "Tony" Giglotto

Rubemeier, Infant DOB 12/09/1907 DOD 12/09/1907 Burial Location Unknown

Rubemeier, Anna DOB 10/29/1858 DOD 09/07/1863 Old I-6-B Grave Marked Anna Augusta Frederikee Elisabetha, Daughter of Wilh & Amalia Nee Muller, Twin

Rubemeier, Anna M. DOB Unknown DOD Unknown Old I-4-B One stone for Anna M. & Carl

Rubemeier, Anna Maria Catharina DOB 12/21/1864 DOD 08/24/1865 OLD J-8-B Grave unmarked Daughter of Wilh. & Wilhelmina Nee Hermann

Rubemeier, Carl DOB Unknown DOD Unknown Old I-4-A One stone for Carl & Anna M.

Rubemeier, Elizabeth DOB 01/07/1861 DOD 08/24/1872 Old I-2-B Grave Marked 

Rubemeier, Emile DOB 07/16/1873 DOD 07/28/1873 Old I-2-A Grave Marked

Rubemeier, Heinrich DOB 07/07/1865 YOD 1871 Old I-5-B Grave Marked

Rubemeier, Heinrich DOB 10/29/1855 DOD 08/21/1860 Old I-6-A Grave marked Son of Wm. & A Rubemeier

Rubemeier, Heinrich J. G. DOB 10/20/1858 DOD 08/24/1860 Old I-7-A Grave Marked Son of Wilhelm & Amalia Rubemeier Nee Muller

Rubemeier, John Ernst Wilhelm DOB 03/12/1868 DOD 08/05/1869 Burial Location Unknown

Rubemeier, Kaspar DOB 08/28/1828 DOD 02/21/1889 Old M-22-A Grave Marked

Rubemeier, Katherine Elizabeth DOB 01/02/1831 DOD 04/08/1878 Old H-4-B Grave Marked Katherine Elizabeth Nee Tebbenhoff, Wife of Caspar Rubemeier, Stone Unreadable

Rubemeier, Wilhelm Jr. DOB 07/171858 DOD 01/07/1886 Old M-21-B Grave marked

Rubemeier, Emilie DOB 03/26/1836 DOD 09/28/1861 OLD I-7-B Grave Marked Stone listed as Emilie Miller Wife of Wm. Rubemeier

Rubmeyer, Johann Frederi DOB 01/08/1870 DOD 08/03/1922 New DD-7-C Grave Marked

Rubemeyer, Louisa DOB 1888 DOD 07/1969 New DD-7-C Grave Marked