German M. E. Church

Monroe County, Illinois

This history was extracted from the following book on:


Combined History of Randolph, Monroe and Perry Counties, Illinois

Published by J. L. McDonough & Co.

Philadelphia 1883



German M. E. Church

By Rev. O. Colonius

The first pastor was Henry Hartmann, who organized the church at Red Bud, known as the "Monroe Mission."  In 1842 the first church was built about two and one-half miles northwest of Red Bud, in Monroe County, and received the name, Wesley Chapel.  The first quarterly meeting was held Nov 22, 1846.  In 1864 the new brick building, 60x48, was built in the town (now city) of Red Bud, at a cost of about $4,500; also, a comfortable parsonage was bought at a cost of $1,200.  This was accomplished under the pastoral labor of Philip Merkel.

The first school was organized in 1864.  Its first minutes report one superintendent, five teachers and fifteen scholars; and at present it numbers a superintendent, fifteen teachers and one hundred scholars.

Peter Colonius is the present pastor. 

The following is a list of presiding elders and pastors who have served the church:  Henry Hardtmann, Charles Koeneke Cammermeyer, Wm. Kavermester, Theo.  Karkmann, Geo. Boeshenz, Christian Hoech, Franz Horstmann, Henry Schmidt, Jacob Mueller, Thomas Heyer, William Meyer, Rudolph Havrighorst, Henry Schultze, Phillip Merkel, John Feisel, Charles Rodenberg, Henry Balche, Wm. Schuetz, G. E. Keller, Phillip Skaer and Peter Colonius, the present pastor.

The church at Chester was organized in 1848 under the pastoral labor of Geo. Boeshenz, and in 1850 the first church house was built in connection with the English Methodist Church.  In 1873 the building now occupied by this congregation was purchased for $3,000.  They organized the first Sunday School in 1851.  They have a membership of 105.

The Randolph and Steelesville congregations, belonging to the Chester Circuit, were organized about the same time as the circuit, and in 1882, a new church was built at Randolph, under the pastoral labor of P. W. Jacoby, the present pastor, at a cost of $2,500.

The church at Ellis Grove was organized in 1846 by Lenhard Hardnagel, a local preacher from Red Bud, and the first meetings were held at the residence of John George Schoepples. The first church house was built in 1848, under the pastoral labor of George Boeshenz; the present one was built in 1868, under the pastoral labor of C. Stueckemann, at a cost of about $2,000.  The congregation also have a parsonage valued at $800.  The present pastor is T. M. Buchholtz.  The first Sunday School was organized in 1854, and at present it numbers 10 teachers and 55 scholars.

It should be observed that the sketch of the German Methodist Churches of Randolph county brings their history down to a period in November, 1882; and founded as it is upon data derived from the several records, of its origin, development and progress.