The Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of the Holy Cross

Monroe County, Illinois

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Combined History of Randolph, Monroe and Perry Counties, Illinois

Published by J. L. McDonough & Co.

Philadelphia 1883



The Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of the Holy Cross near Glasgow City , (Renault P.O.).  It was organized about the year 1853 by the Rev. J. G. Birkmann, and known by the name:  "Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel's Congregation, "and its first church stood about three miles south of Burksville.  Rev. Mr. Birkmann served the congregation until his death in 1865. Then the Rev. C. S.  Kleppisch took charge thereof and after him the Rev. J. Nachtigall.

The first church having become well worn, and most of the members of the congregation living in the vicinity of Glasgow City, about five acres of land were purchased near that place in 1869 as the site of a new church.  In the same year the congregation reorganized itself, dropped its former, and adopted its present name:  "Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of the lately purchased premises a frame building 28x40 feet, with a small steeple, was dedicated in the same year.  The Rev. G. J. Goehringer in the English language, on the occasion. The following year a new frame parsonage was built.  In 1880 the congregation extended a call to the present pastor, the Rev. H. Schaefer, who was installed on the 7
th day of November, 1880.  The congregation numbers at present ar 20 voting members, and 75 communicants.  Its church property is worth about $2,500.  The school numberts 20 scholars, and is taught by the pastor.